Webmaster: Hey Seb! Let’s start with 24 hours

Sébastien Gimbert: indeed, it is true that I am a little disappointed. Our goal in participating in the 24 hours of le mans was not to participate this time razor motorcycle for kids, but beautiful and well to win the race. We had a good bike, a good team, but I think that what did a lot of wrong, it is the lack of tests to run the bike on the dry and lack of time to resolve. Indeed, this kind of motorcycle is more difficult to develop and is very sharp.
Webmaster: We understand that you had some tyre problems?
Sébastien Gimbert: Yes, in fact it is a consequence of the lack of time for testing. We had to put on tires that we know not, and in fact, it used them during the race. So we had a few surprises used drift trike for sale of the good and the bad, it‘s the law of sport.
Added to that, we had exactly the same problem last year with the bike: the hubs door gave twice during the night, what we did well losing 5 laps.
Webmaster: therefore, the evidence that it is a defect on the bike. Will Honda fix?
Sébastien Gimbert: I hope so! It’s the same handicap, as much for them as for us! The race was lost in part because of this, it would be wise to find a solution! The other part being the unfortunate crash of Fabien, but that it‘s the sport can’t. I know that if we had not had these two big problems, we would have won hands down this race. It will be for next time 🙂
Webmaster: When will be your next race with Honda and this bike?
Sébastien Gimbert: Normally, it will be the Golden Bowl.
Webmaster: Despite this second place, Honda was happy about your performance?
Sébastien Gimbert: I had not yet strictly speaking those responsible, but I know that they are happy with me. I do a good race, good times a few circumstances and despite my wounds. They can only be happy. Now to repair the defects of the bike and to better prepare the next.
Webmaster: Speaking of your wounds, where are you razor go kart charger, it recovers? (Editor’s Note: we saw the injury, it really butchered :)))
Sébastien Gimbert: Yes, it’s starting to get a little better… I just to get the points, but I still have a bit of trouble standing. I pay attention. Actually I had 24 points of sutures, the recousut, as well as the two metatarsals thigh muscle (? how it‘s spelled?) of the left leg broken. But I am recovering well.

Welcome to the official site of Sébastien Gimbert.

THE POUASSE! I can’t believe! While the weekend last Sebastian took over the path of the Grands Prix, he fell during the first qualifying practice session and is a fracture to the foot segway pink, forcing him to forfeit the race.
More so, it’s a shame we have to work on the bike to the views of the results of the first free practice session: 5.2 seconds for the first… So there is work on the bike, and it’s too bad not being able to ride a little more with. In short, everything is hopeful that Seb will be present at the next Grand Prix in Germany in two weeks.
You will find all kind of information, among other news of the bike rider in exclusivity, but also of the interviews and comments, the calendar for the current season, his record, a large photo gallery green razor scooter and Sebastian’s unique wallpapers.

Oh, the 2003 season begins with the blockbuster Championship of France on 23 March. SEB said that at the same time in this Championship and the Endurance World Championship, he was preparing with axis bike a Suzuki DR 450 in order to achieve Super-Motard races. We’ll know more very soon.
Also we’ll soon publish a Seb Interview in order to make the point known the shoulder season and the beginning of the 2003 season. In the meantime, his racing calendar is published! Stay tuned!

A big thank you to all the sponsors and partners of Sébastien and the site as well as fans.
This week we have the final dates of the Seb 2003 calendar that we can contact you during the next update.
For the reopening of the site and the first news hoverboard for sale that works, it’s official: Sébastien GIMBERT will be with Suzuki in 2003. According to our information he should participate in the World Endurance Championship with racing at le Mans, the Bol d’Or, Spa and perhaps in Germany and at Daytona.

Always with Suzuki it will participate in the 8 races of the Championship of France blockbuster and should participate in a few races in the Championship of France of SuperMotard 450 Open with axis bike, always on a Suzuki.
Currently only the Championship of France blockbuster and the Endurance World Championship schedules are published, races in which will participate in Super-Motard Seb is not yet final.
Implementation of the module of News from our I2roo.com colleague on the homepage of the site. You will be thus kept informed of the latest news from our partner in real time price for hoverboard, as well as the addition of 3 photos in the photo album of the helmet of Seb.


Welcome to the official site of Sébastien Gimbert.
The 2003 season just ended, it is time to take stock:
Two victories at the speed radar detector Masters of Endurance (24 h of Spa and Bol d’Or)
A second place at the 24 hours of le Mans
A title of vice-champion of France blockbuster
A rather convincing performance at the French round of the World Superbike
Despite the disappointment in blockbuster, a rich and rather successful season for Seb that has still not bad is about him.
The off-season will be the opportunity to do some work on the site, but we will keep you abreast of the news about next season as Sebastian will provide us them.
A big thank you to all the sponsors and partners of Sebastian as well as fans.
Just before leaving for the 24 hours of le mans which will take place this weekend, Sébastien gave us his impressions on the race he did on March 23 and gives us some info about this passport 9500ix is good product 24 hours of le Mans. The least we can say is that he has good morale and desire to win!
You can find his comments in the Interviews section.
First race, first win!
This first race in blockbuster went perfectly well because after taking the pole position by signing the best ever time in Superprod on the le Mans circuit, Sebastian takes the lead of the race with 2 “8 ahead on his pursuer from his first pass! On arrival he finished ahead of PHILIPPE Vincent by almost 10 seconds!
What about if the season couldn’t better start! The classification in detail is available on the calendar link.
The racing Sébastien 2003 calendar is published!
In short the year 2003 looks much more eventful that this season, which is not displeasing to us. Very soon an interview with Seb for us talk more in detail about this next season the best escort redline radar!
Since his race in Albi where he fell, we had the opportunity to meet Sebastian. After the 24 hours of le Mans, we were eager to see it again to give us his impressions!

Features Of An Electric Bi Cycle To Take Note Of

Cycling has always been regarded as a good exercise. In many gyms one can find stationary cycles where people pedal them to have a good cardio vascular exercise. However there is no fun in cycling at a stationary place while watching a television or staring outside the window. It is a lot better to go cycling and enjoy fresh air.

However not everyone is in the best of health to cycle up a hill or a mountain. One can also get exhausted easily and that takes out the fun. In such cases one can find the best bike to buy (electric for mountain). An Electric Bi Cycle or e-bike as it is called does not have a powerful motor but has a good enough motor to help one to cycle with ease.

The following sections describe some of the features to be considered before buying an e-bike. These characteristics vary from one bike to another. Choose what works out best for you or you can look at https://www.electricbicyclenetwork.com/top-seller-ebikes/cheap-bike/ to find all about the latest and best bikes and what would suit your needs better.


The lighter the cycle, the better. In case there is a situation where the battery dies then a lighter cycle can be pedalled easily compared to a heavier one. Bikes made with Lithium ion batteries are lighter.


It is better id the bike does not create much noise so that one can enjoy a smooth ride.

Motor Power:

Motor power is important for acceleration and a good motor helps while climbing hills or mountains and also during a bumpy ride. A 750 Watt power is considered good for mountain biking. Some bikes come with instant ignition with just a button to switch it on. Such bikes can be ridden without any fuss.


There needs to be a balance between weight of the cycle and battery capacity. A long lasting batter is better but it adds to the weight. One should look for small and cool Ebike battery to buy.


A bicycle with 8 gears is easy to pedal and it gains top speeds. Thus it is better to buy bike which has many gear shifts.


While riding in difficult terrain and during bumpy rides the suspension matters. One should not end up having back pain after a good cycling.


Some E-bike’s come with a warranty; however one has to check to what all it applies. Some batteries or certain failures are not covered. A good E-bike should be easily maintainable and ability to fold and store gives an added advantage in terms of storage space.

Thus one has to consider the pros and cons of each of the above feature before deciding which E-bike to buy. They serve as a great motivation for people to exercise and do it away in a natural environment that is free of noise and other forms of pollution. Do not think further choose a best bike and enjoy exercising in the lap of nature without fretting it out much.